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Summer Maxi Skirts

Summer is the season when all possible colors are welcomed. Thus, do not feel shy, and be free to prefer your favorite color. Yellow, green, purple skirts are in trend. However, pastel shades (such as nude, milky, grey) are also possible. Bright skirts are suitable for daytime wearing, while a pastel-shaded garment is perfect for the creation of romantic outfits for dates. It is possible to choose not only monochromatic skirts but also garments with various patterns.

The best fabric is a breathable one. Summer is a hot season. As your legs are fully covered with a skirt, it is better to prefer clothes from natural or mixed fabrics. Silky skirts take the leading positions according to fashionistas. Maxi pleated skirts are one of the most popular during this fashion season.

How to combine maxi skirts? In most cases, sandals, slippers, slip-slaps are perfect. Sometimes, sneakers can be chosen. Any T-shirt or crop top makes the perfect match with a maxi skirt. The thing is to combine patterns on the top and the skit correctly. Below, we gathered some examples of trendy outfits with maxi skirts.

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